Professional Furnace Repair in Los Angeles

If you are looking for a professional furnace repair service in Los Angeles, Let Green Air Solutions do the job for you.

A broken furnace can not only leave you and your family feeling cold and uncomfortable, but it can also be a safety hazard. 

You can read more about residential furnaces here!

At Green Air Solutions, we understand the importance of having a properly functioning furnace. Our team of professional furnace technicians is dedicated to providing furnace repair services to keep your home warm and safe all winter.

In addition to our furnace repair services, we at Green Air Solutions also offer maintenance services to help prevent future issues with your furnace. Make sure while chatting with us to check our maintenance program or review it here

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5 Tips For Maintaining Your Furnace

A clogged air filter can decrease the efficiency of your furnace, leading to higher energy bills. It’s recommended to change your air filter every 30-90 days, or more frequently if you have pets or allergies.

Dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate around your furnace, causing it to work harder than it needs to. Vacuum or sweep the area around your furnace regularly to keep it clean.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your furnace running smoothly. A professional technician can inspect your furnace, clean it, and fix any small problems before they become bigger, more expensive issues

Make sure there is enough space around your furnace for proper ventilation and air flow. Keep flammable materials, such as newspapers and cleaning supplies, at least 3 feet away from your furnace

If you notice your furnace making unusual noises or not heating your home as efficiently as it used to, it may be time for a repair. Don’t wait for a small problem to become a big one – address any issues with your furnace promptly to keep it running smoothly


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